Well, it’s moving time again.  Seems that I haven’t lived in the same place for too long since going to University.  I think that the current stint of 3.5 years is about the longest that I have been in a single spot.

Anyway I just wanted to point out that it is always the little things that really start to annoy you just before you leave.  My current living quarters has a few of these:

  1. Cold Floor in the Kitchen in the winter (I am convinced there is no insulation in the back wall of the house)
  2. No Hot Water (don’t get me started on this one)
  3. Laundry in the basement (2 stories below me)
  4. No Air Condtioning (technically not correct, but the house is about as good at keeping in the cold in the summer as it is, keeping out the cold in the winter)

Don’t get me wrong the new spot will have a few of these too, but it will likely take another 3.5 before it will matter.