Ah finally I have the internet, I feel so freed, and just in time for me to spend most of my time at work before vacation.  Ah, the ironies of life.

I thought I would note a few things to people today.  For some strange reason I have started to be become a talk radio listener over the last couple of years, which means that I have started to listen to CBC.  I could come up with many reasons why I started to listen to CBC, but I know in my heart it is really 1 thing.

  • Left wing know it all hosts? – nope.
  • Pompous English major listeners? – nope.
  • Some much political talk you want to commit suicide at times? – nope

Nope, all though each of these would be a perfectly good reason to listen to CBC, only one thing really matters.


Talk radio stations just have way too much of the same commercial over and over and over and over again and again and again, you just can’t stand it any longer, and you feel your finger slowly moving towards the dial and you press number ‘3’, but nnoooo!!!! The political pundits are on again talking about Gomery, Paul Martin save me!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all the crap they do have some good programs and even interviews when you catch them.  Here is the list I try and catch for when you become a talk radio listener.

  • DNTO – Gotta love ya SYL, when are you coming back?
  • World at 6 – Yeah, I like the news, bug off.
  • Wiretap – This always reminds me of you Anthony, you should really meet this guy
  • Ideas – More than you ever wanted to know about…..whatever they decide to tell you about.

Unfortunately Wiretap doesn’t have their previous shows online, but there is one very funny one about a guy who eats rabbit food.  If you ever catch it on the radio, I suggest you listen.