Well, I have been a bit slow with this one, but just an update for the vacation that we took during the last week of June.
As noted, I did mess up my weather mantra mentioning that it was soooo nice, but it really only affected 1 day very much so we stuck to the indoors.  Once in Halifax we really just did the tourist thing, down to Peggy’s cove to look around.  It was perfect weather for Peggy’s Cove, I always did find that the place looked better with it a bit of overcast.  The only thing missing were the big waves that you get when there is a Hurricane down south.  It is too bad that we just missed Hurricane Dennis.
I also got to go on the Keith’s brewery tour, it was quite nice, since I never got on it when I lived in Halifax.  It is done kind of like a play rather than just some kid talking, which makes it worth the price.
We also got some very good sushi in Halifax, something that I wasn’t expecting, and finally into the Martime Museum of the Atlantic and the Public Gardens, you can see some pics in the picture sections.
The Public Gardens was kind of interesting since they were missing many of the old trees that were in the Garden when I last lived in Halifax.  They were blown over during Hurricane Juan in 2001(?).
Finally we headed back to Toronto, with a quick stop in Moncton to see my old friend Anthony.  Good to see you man, hope we didn’t intrude on your World of Warcraft too much.  Anthony was able to show us to a nice Chinese restaurant in Riverview, which was good, since the in-laws were starting to have withdrawl symptoms by then.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of Anthony, his house, the restaurant or anything in Moncton.  Can you believe that, 600+ photos and not one in Moncton.  Oh well, ce la vie.