The rules of Society


Do you ever question some of the items that manage to make their way onto the internet and are actually popular such that they can make people rediculous amounts of money?  I know I do from time to time, not sure if this is my socialist being that seems to creep out more and more as I get older or maybe my small town roots needing a "neighbour" to know what you are doing, but I came across one the other day.
I was having some supper (diner for you Ontario folks)  with some friends and the concept of on-line dating came up in the conversation. After a little discussion someone mentioned that there were apparently even sites dedicated to Adultery. 
"Really" we said with disbelief.
"Apparently" he said.
Anyway as luck would have it, I was watching TV the next day and they have an interview with the guy who started the first and most popular Adultery site on the internet (  Does this not strike you as detrimental to society in some way?  No longer do you have people looking to get a date, but an entire site set up around cheating on your spouse.  Hell, you don’t even need to look for people to cheat with or lie to them anymore, just post an advertisement.
Maybe I am just too old fashioned for this modern world?
Here were some stats from the article:
  • 1/2 of people will have an extra marital affair in their lifetime.
  • Most of those people will only have 1 extra marital affair.
  • 4/5 marriages will make it through the discoverly of said affiar (not sure for how long though).

Women & Cars – What else is there?

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Remember when Hi-speed was spelled 28.8

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Ah I just came across this little article so I thought that I would send it on to all of you folks.  I am sure some of the young’uns won’t remember doing this kind of stuff, but I certainly do.
Hayes commands, fiddling with windows drivers and PPP dial ups, ah those were the days.
Update 2005-08-24
An update from Toms

Do Robots Dream of Electric Red Lights?

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Since I have a 3 hour lay over before my "red eye" to Toronto I decided to buy a little time on the Telus wireless network here in Vancouver and do a little personal stuff.  Can anyone tell me why Pearson doesn’t have wireless yet?  The largest airport in Canada just has those stupid Bell terminals.
Anyway, this is just a quick one that I thought that the guys at work would like.  I am sitting here in the bar, in the airport, in Vancouver (is that enough ins?) and the little disabled car drives by with its flashing light…..  As I sit here I see the flash on the wall and what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Damn I feel like I am dialing 9 at home or something, expect that it is much more ingrained in my brain that such that I jump 2000 miles away. Sigh.  How does such a simple little thing evoke such a response.  Ah, is it time to turn off the light??  Maybe in my dreams.
Hopefully I will get some sleep during the flight.

August Long Weekend

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Well, if you want to know how to spend a long weekend just stick around with us. 
Painting.  2 full days of painting.  You would think that we were painting the entire condo from top to bottom, but no, we only painted one room really.  Just the main room and the ajacent entry way.
Day 1: Get Paint, supplies and rent big assed scafolding step ladder thingame.  We got the paint from glidden where we had coupons for the paint, but had to deal with a couple of kids who didn’t have grade 6 math skills.  Then laydown hugh sheets of plastic to cover the entire floor and then some, tape and then paint the walls green.  Actually the color is "iconic green", which isn’t quite green, but almost.  It is more of a greenish/beige.  I haven’t decided yet, if I really like the color or not, but we will see.  Highlight of the day was spilling an entire gallon of paint on the floor, damn was I glad that I bought the hugh sheets of plastic to cover the entire floor or that could have been really bad.  The other neat thing was the rented step ladder thing.  It could be set up like a scaffold so you could do almost the whole wall without moving it.  Quite nice, but it requires at least a length of 12+ feet to set the darn thing up, which means I probably won’t rent it again simply because the size allows it to just fit in most of the rooms in the condo.
Day 2: Trimming.  Can you believe that, 10 hours of doing the trim at the top and bottom of the wall.  It felt like we were never going to finish that darn stuff, but we did and now the tape and plastic have all been removed and it almost looks good (damn green).
Day 3: Golf 🙂
Catch you later.