Since I have a 3 hour lay over before my "red eye" to Toronto I decided to buy a little time on the Telus wireless network here in Vancouver and do a little personal stuff.  Can anyone tell me why Pearson doesn’t have wireless yet?  The largest airport in Canada just has those stupid Bell terminals.
Anyway, this is just a quick one that I thought that the guys at work would like.  I am sitting here in the bar, in the airport, in Vancouver (is that enough ins?) and the little disabled car drives by with its flashing light…..  As I sit here I see the flash on the wall and what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Damn I feel like I am dialing 9 at home or something, expect that it is much more ingrained in my brain that such that I jump 2000 miles away. Sigh.  How does such a simple little thing evoke such a response.  Ah, is it time to turn off the light??  Maybe in my dreams.
Hopefully I will get some sleep during the flight.