Go Ahead; Make My Day


Alright, I feel like I have to write about this;  I travel from time to time to the US.  And for the most part people, places and things are just like they are in Canada.  A relatively rich country where most people own their own homes and cars.
There are a few things that you notice, the working poor in the US are over-whelmingly black or hispanic, the signs are all in English or a local language and you get more food  with everything you order. 
But every once in a while there is something that you see that really jumps up and screams, "Dorothy, you’re not in Kanas any more".  I had one of these monents a couple of weeks ago while in Denver, CO.
While getting ready to go to work I had NBC’s Today show on and it flipped to it’s local coverage for 15 minutes or whatever is the usual time frame.  On the local Denver broadcast, the news anchor and the local District Attorney are discussing the "Make My Day Law".  To get a little context here this is a law which is common in many US States basically detailing how an individual can shoot/kill someone else if they have broken into their personal residence.  So the DA and the reporter are discussing this and the reporter says "So, if someone breaks into my house and I get out my gun and shoot him, can I be charged with murder?".
After this the discussion goes on about how you need to tell the intruder to leave before you shoot him.  This just struck me as something that you wouldn’t see in Canada, not even in Alberta would you see something this brazen.  Discussing how under the law you could kill someone, and get away with it seems a bit much.

New Member of the Family

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Well, I have been very lax these days.  I see that I haven’t made a comment in here since August.  Anyway I just wanted to mention that we have new member of the family and there are some pictures posted in the picture section.