Recently Janice & I purchased a little puppy and we are doing all of the good little things that we are suppose to do as good dog owners.  Making sure he gets all of his vet visits (shots and neutering) and taking him out for walks and taking him for obedience training.  On the web Obedience Training is defined as:

Obedience training involves training an animal, most often a dog, to obey basic control commands such as sit, down, and heel.

As well, some of the TV that I have been watching are for some of the shows out there have become rather popular recently like the Super Nanny and Nanny 911.

Now the reason that I mention this is that it has me thinking.  Really, obedience training isn’t really about teaching the dog obedience.  For the most part it is about teaching the owner how to interact with the dog, such that the dog will treat the owner as the Alpha dog in the pack.  Then you can teach the dog said tasks (sit, down, heel).  They also teach you the techniques of how to teach the tasks, but until the dog will accept you as the leader, it is much more difficult to enforce the rules.

I mention this because if you watch the "Nanny" shows you realize very quickly that the Nannys in the shows will have the children listening to them in short order (even if the kids still don’t listen to the parents) and then they teach the parents how to interact with their children in order for the children to respect their parents authority.

The 2 principles are very analogous, but why is it that in the area that I live there are several schools that teach Obedience Training; teaching many, many people how to interact with their family pets, but I can’t think of a single "Parenting School". 

Are our children less important than our pets?  Do we believe, for some strange reason, we don’t know how to interact with other animals, but we inherently know how to raise our children properly?  Even now with a quick search there are many web sites on how to take care of our children from a task perspective (what to feed them, what to do if they are sick, how quickly they should develop, what safety seats to use).  Even "dealing" with special issues, but little on day to day interaction.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about training your kid to sit and come when called.  Obviously children are more complex than dogs, especially as they grow and start to think for themselves, but why don’t we go parenting school?