I was reading this morning how MS has pushed Billions of dollars in to the “online services division” at MS, only to be still saddled with operating losses.  Ballmer of course is doing “thousand points of light, stay the course” routine.


However one item caught my eye in the article, and that was how Bing has increased market share again, still piddlely compared to the great Google, but none the less improving over time. 

This made me think a little about how I have found myself going to Bing more often these days rather than Google due to one of the features Google implements and Bing doesn’t (at least not as whole sale).  This is the “auto correct” feature that both search engines have in some form or another.  Google seems to implement this in 2 different ways.  Way 1 is the explicit way.  Normally this seems to kick in when you type a word incorrectly, for instance….http://www.google.ca/#q=survivale+bottle.  Google will then show me a question asking me if I actually meant to type to word incorrectly.  This is great, works, well, and gives me the ability to override if I actually want to.

The other way that Google corrects me is the one I find most annoying.  This might be specific to development and technology, but it has to do with Google trying to over interpret what I am asking.  A good example of this is that on the weekend I was searching for some information on the Report Viewer Control in Visual Studio 2010.  So for simplicities sake, lets just do a search for “Reportviewer control 2010” http://www.google.ca/#q=reportviewer+control+2010.  Looking at the results you can quickly see that Google is smart enough to see that reportviewer is actually 2 words and search both for “reportviewer” and “report and viewer”.  Now this wouldn’t be nearly as annoying to me if like the auto correct for spelling it gave me the ability to override it, but it doesn’t and I have messed around in the “advanced features” area, etc trying to turn this off at times.  Since dealing with this I have discovered that Bing doesn’t do this (http://www.bing.com/search?q=reportviewer+control+2010) (at least not as forcefully), so I have been going to Bing more and more often to get around this little feature that Google has.

Anyway it has me wondering if the reign of Google is coming to a close.  In 2010 Facebook was a more visited web site than Google…..