Although this post is coming at the expense of Apple, I am quickly reminded of why I was learned 10 years ago that Linux would never dethrone Windows in the base consumer market.  At the time I installed a few different version of Linux with different desktops to try then out and two things quickly became apparent that Linux users all like to gloat about.

1. You didn’t save any space.  You might be able to configure Linux to run an FTP server from a floppy.  But as an end user, by the time you install Linux with all of the drivers, bells and whistles it has just as big a footprint as Windows

2. There are 5 ways to do anything (4 of which are commandline driven) and you never really know which one will work, and on top of that one that didn’t work at the beginning might work at the end, because you have changed some random setting.

Appreciating that many of these items are simply familiarity with the platform, McDonalds sums it up nicely 🙂