A somewhat funny one today.  I always find it interesting just how often somebody is doing something “the long way”.  Having used and been enamored by computers for a long time I know most of the basic keyboard shortcuts which have over the years become pretty ubiquitous in the Windows world at least.  However, as somebody who actually works in an IT department with other people who also work in IT it never fails to amaze me just how many of these people don’t use keyboard shortcuts.  There is little more annoying that watching an “IT professional” in a meeting on a projector shakily highlighting a word and then moving the mouse up to the “edit” menu and clicking “copy” then moving the mouse back down again and moving through the document with the little bar on the right with the shaky mouse to the right spot, then putting the mouse where the word would go, then moving the mouse back to the “edit” menu again and finally clicking “paste”.

While this is ultimately annoying with anybody, it is always especially annoying to me when it is somebody who should “know computers”.  There is very little reason everybody out there should not know ctrl + x, ctrl + c, and ctrl +v, but there are lots, way more than you think.  You may be surprised by this, but there are studies to prove it….seriously.